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Gemma possesses the ability to glean information from people’s minds. I am not considering it full-blown telepathy because she does not technically have telepathy in her canon. She has shown the extraordinary ability to place her psyche in someone else’s mind and see flashes of their emotions and memories, and this is much the same. When in close proximity with another person (about ten feet, let’s say), if she concentrates, Gemma will be able to get a mental glimpse of their current feelings/thoughts, and perhaps even some of their more traumatic or just memorable... memories. If she concentrates hard enough, it is possible that the other person would be well-aware of her presence in their mind.

This will lead into her second power, which is the ability to create illusions, which manifest in physical form for a set period of time. This means she can make people around her—and even herself—see and feel whatever comes to her mind. These illusions will last a maximum of five hours, after which they will merely flicker and disappear. These illusions can range from teapots and dresses to a full change in scenery for the immediate vicinity, about ten yards in every direction. However, when casting an illusion of a person, said person will not be able to speak; likewise, animals will not be able to make sounds.

If you, as a player, feel that she may come into contact with any of your characters, please fill out this hand form and post it back here. Thanks!


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